Calablanca Beaach Resort

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  • Unwind, reconnect and indulge!

    You are in a Colombia’s formidable and mesmerizing coastal Caribbean paradise called Barú! Discover formidable Barú! A distinctive and exclusive Colombian coastal treasure where Calablanca Beach Resort was exquisitely designed to seamlessly blend in this rare haven in nature. Its gentle caressing breezes, stunning vistas, and soft white sands surrounded by turquoise waters will provide heartwarming comfort to the soul. An ideal setting for reconnection!

    Enjoy the Caribbean’s peace,

    and live each experience to the fullest.

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  • A luxury hotel nearby

    Calablanca will be the largest and most luxurious hotel in Barú, mixing the French style’s charm with the essence of local culture. This iconic hotel will be built in alliance with the French multinational AccorHotels, owner, administrator, and franchisor of hotels, resorts, and vacation properties. 

    Can you imagine enjoying life while

    exploring nature at its best?


    In addition to the exclusive condominiums, the project will be nearby the luxurious Calablanca hotel, managed by Accor. This space will mix the charm of French style with the essence of Cartagena´s culture.


    The project’s environmental sustainability is supported by respecting the existing trees with a limited modification of the topography, buildings designed with bioclimatic properties, and nature-centered urban and architectural design.

    Enjoy privacy in paradise

    Impeccable style, bespoke details, thoughtfully designed villas and condos.Calablanca´s architectural design includes spacious lots, modern light- colored exteriors, and customization possibilities all in a visually unified project.

  • Enjoy places full of life

    Walk the beautiful beaches of the Rosario Islands and enjoy a calm sea with soft, almost-imperceptible waves. Get to know the aquarium where you can practice diving and snorkeling guided by specialized staff.

  • The most incredibles spectacles of nature

    Calablanca’s Caribbean beaches are full of irresistible natural treasures due to its proximity to the San Bernardo coral reserve. In its beautiful turquoise waters, diverse environments have developed, bursting with life. The peninsula has one of the most extraordinary coral formations globally, so rare that its care and preservation are a priority for the national parks that protect it.

  • Exclusive condos

    Calablanca’s condos grant you access to every modern convenience with sweeping views of the Caribbean. Areas from 1094 ft2.

    From USD $333,400

    *Price based on current exchange rate (TRM): $4.007 COP

    *Published prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

  • Luxury villas

    Enjoy privacy to the fullest with a villa in Barú. Every home has a pool, luxury finishes, and several customization options. Areas from 2666,54 ft2

    From USD $981,383

    *Price based on current exchange rate (TRM): $4.007 COP

    *Published prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice.